Charlton's Family Pictures

Me, my Father, and my Grandpa

'Tutu' (hawaiian for Grandmother) and Grandpa
My father and my father's parents live in Washington State around the
Puget Sound area. My grandparents also have a winter-home in Hawaii
where the rest of my family on my father's side lives.

My mother's side of the family

My cousins
My mother's side of the family live in southern Louisiana in and around
the town called Opelousas.

My mother, her younger brother, his ex,
and my mother's older brother.

My mother, her husband, his daughter
Lori (with ex-boyfriend), and me

My little brother with step-brother Bobby.

My step-sister Lori

My Uncle Dossier with Aunt Debbie
My Uncle Kirk with cousin Lindy behind them

My favorite Uncle (Kirk, center)

My mother at our old house

My mother in my old dorm room

Mom again

Me, Mom, and my
little brother Dimitri

Dimitri and Me in Wisconsin

My mother, step-father, and Dimitri live in Roundrock, Texas which is
about a half-hour drive north of where I live.

- Charlton Harrison -

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