Some Notes About My Travels

	I really love taking trips,  especially at the spur of the moment.
I consider it an exercise of my freedom and essential to creating the
substance and experience of life.

	My philosophy on traveling never included taking pictures and making
records until just recently.  I figured that life was an adventure and only
the meek spend time trying to re-live something previous when they could be
living something new.  But this started changing when I started realizing
how cool my trips were and how much I want to tell other people about them.

	I make most of my trips in my little '85 Ford Escort.  It has over 160k
miles on it and still going strong (because it had its engine rebuilt at 113k)
and is, compared to every car I have ever known, the cheapest reliable
transportation available.  It even has a working A/C!

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