A List of Places that I've Been

Previously memorable trips:

Los Angeles:
	Every Summer when My dad lived there from when I was 7 to my early

Washington State:
	Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Hoodsport, Chelan, Spokane

San Diego:  once.

San Francisco, Yosimite:
	One Summer with my Dad - drove from Los Angeles.

Oahu, Hawaii:
	Summer of when I was 9, then the Summer for when I was 11.

Greenbay, WI;  then to Milwaukee:
	Christmas of 1992, then another (?)

Guadalupe Mnts, Carlsbad Caverns:
	Guadalupe Mnts w/ my parents - listened to Keith Jarrett's Koln
		concert on the way back
	With Regina (an old girlfriend)
	When Christa was 4 months old w/ Laura (my daughter and her mother)
	With Dianne (another old girlfriend)

Tucson, AZ.:
	With parents - drive - Christmas one year, also went to Nogales, Mex.
	By plane thru Phoenix
	By car (the White Mazda) spent 1 day there and listened to
		Sym. of Psalms on the way back

Opelousas, Lafayette, LA.:
	With parents many times as a child  (my grandparents on my mother's
		side live there as well as the rest of her family)
	With Laura, Christa
New Orleans, LA.:  once or twice with my mother
New Iberia, Patoutville, LA.: once or twice with mother/family

	Many times to visit my Grandma Marylin as a child
	With Regina to Six Flags
	With one of my old roommates
	Looking for the STD chick - then to the University in Denton, then
		to Oklahoma border

Del Rio, Eagle Pass, Piedras Negras, Uvalde:
	With Mike Sullivan and Kyle in the back of a pickup

San Marcos, Luling, TX.:
	One of my first night-trips driving a car alone.

Snook, TX.:
	One of my first trips to nowhere.

Corpus Christi, TX:
	With Laura
	With Rachel  (old girlfriends)

Houston, Galveston:
	With Mother, Willie, Dimitri

Galveston, Bay City area:
	With Dianne

College Station:
	Once with Regina

Enchanted Rock:
	At least five times

San Antonio:
	Visit Kyle & Kemton at their high school with Willie
	Visit Regina at OLLU
	Many times to pick up Christa, visit Laura's parents

1995 trips:

El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, White Sands, Santa Fe
	February 18-20

Tula, Ciudad Valles, Ciudad de Mexico, Acapulco
	May 18-23

Big Bend,  Rio Grande
	May 27-28

Seattle, Hoodsport, Port Townshend
	July 21-25

Lubbock, Amarillo, Pomeroy, Lake Merideth
	September 2-4

Monterrey, Saltillo - Mexico
	November 4-5

	Dec 30 - Jan 2

1996 trips:

Las Vegas, New Mexico; Wolf Creek, Colorado; Santa Fe; White Sands, New Mexico
	Jan 11 - Jan 14

Monterrey, Mexico
	Several times to visit my girlfriend

New York City,  Washington D.C.,  Princeton, NJ.
	With Liz,  visited my Uncle Dossier

Saltillo, Fortin de Flores(Veracruz), Champoton(Campeche), Merida,
Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Cancun, Chichen-itza
	Big long road trip!  With Liz.
	October, 1996

1997 trips:


Tucson, AZ. - Christmas-time

1998 trips:

Opelousas, Louisiana

Monterrey,  Guadalajara,  Tequila,  Puerto Vallarta,  Manzanillo,  Colima,
Leon,  Guanejuato

Mexico City,  Oaxaca,  Valle Nacional (Oaxaca),  San Andres de Tuxtla,
Catemaco,  Veracruz,  Brownsville (Texas)
(Dec 22 - Jan 3, 1999)

1999 trips:

Oahu, Hawaii (Nov 4th - 11th) for a family memorial of my Grandmother.

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