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Feb 1, 2002: Launched new website.


Linux up to 34% lower total cost of ownership than Windows
Read the article and white-paper here.

Department of Energy buys fastest Linux system
$24M Linux supercomputer will be one of the top ten fastest computers in the world.

Merrill Lynch embraces Linux company-wide and top-down.
Read more about it here.

HP Urges Linux Support for Research
Read more about it here.

No more excuses: It's time to stop using Microsoft products
Microsoft management is now threatening to stop shipping Windows completely if the next federal court decision goes against them. This is insane.

How to wean your company from Microsoft products
Read this interesting story of one man's experience converting his company from Microsoft Windows to GNU/Linux.

Go to www.trustworthycomputing.com. and you get redirected to a google search results listing the thousands of articles on Microsft's history of security breaches.
If you have a Windows server:
It is highly recommended that you contact us about upgrading to Linux for 4 reasons: Stability, Security, Performance, and Support.

7 reasons to move from Sun to Linux
More about it here.

Oracle makes the switch to Linux
Read about it here.

IBM announces first Linux-only mainframes
Read about it here.

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